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Confessions of an ex nic*tine smoker

Confessions of an ex nic*tine smoker


I have a problem. A serious problem.

I, like many other working young professionals, am always on the go. From 8 AM board meetings to 7 PM client dinners, I always had my vape in hand.

I would vape inside my office while working. I would vape on the subway. In Ubers. At Equinox while working out (yikes). There is not a flight I have been on or a restaurant in this city where I have not vaped. Every 10 min, I just wanted a hit. I felt like I needed nic*tine to get through my day.

Boy, was I wrong.

Due to the recent crackdown in disposable nicotine vapes , I, like many other smokers, was left with virtually no alternatives in the market. Do I start smoking harmful cigarettes, something I absolutely detest and hate? Do I switch over to the tobacco flavored disposables/pods that taste like sh*t?

In steps in HEYLO.

I was first introduced to Heylo while on a business trip to Los Angeles. I was having dinner (outdoor seating, ofc) with a friend in West Hollywood when she pulled out a Strawberry + Lavender disposable. At first glance, STRAWBERRY and LAVENDER!? Basically my favorite summertime cocktail in a vape!? I HAD TO TRY THIS.

Luckily, the smoke shop she purchased it from was right around the corner from my hotel in Hollywood. I paid a visit and was surprised to see the botanical lineup of flavors Heylo offered; from Yuzu + Mandarin to Coconut + Lime, I had to try them. I purchased both flavors along with Strawberry + Lavender for about half the price I was paying for nic*tine brands back in NYC before.

This was 4 months ago. I haven’t looked back. I learned it wasn’t the nic*tine I was addicted to. It was the act of smoking. The ritual. The oral fixation. I haven’t touched a nic*tine vape for months. And I don’t think I ever will. During the pandemic, I have been looking at ways to better myself. In the back of mind, I had been thinking of an nic*tine alternative for quite some time. So I thought, “Hey, Why not give Heylo a try!?”... I wanted to improve something about myself during this chaotic time. Trying Heylo was one such step.

It’s about time for a cleaner alternative in the market and I’m so glad that I was introduced to Heylo. Thank you to the HEYLO team!



anonymous ex nic*tine smoker