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How to fix a disposable vape pen

Disposable vape pens are intended to be convenient and easy to use even to unexperienced and new vapers. However, like all other devices, they can malfunction and requires some level of intervention to continue to function properly.  If you encounter problems the first time you use a disposable vape pen, this guide will cover a variety of common vape pen issues, troubleshooting, and fixes.



No Hits

Not getting hits from disposable vape pens is the most commonly reported problem. Most vapers report that no vape is generated even if the power LED is blinking. There are several reasons that can cause this problem.

No e-liquid – If the disposable vape pen stops beating, the first thing to do is to roughly check the vape level if the power LED is still blinking. Lack of e-liquid is the most common reason for inconsistent hits. The disposable pen comes with a present amount of vape fluid that can withstand a certain number of smoke inhalations. After the liquid runs out of vape, you won't get any more hits.

Dead Battery – If there is liquid left in the pen, the vape battery may be dead. This usually happens when the power LED is not blinking. In some cases, leaving the device for a few hours will allow it to puff once or twice with a low battery. In most cases, disposable pens come with a battery that lasts longer than the e-liquid supply. Therefore, if the battery is empty, the liquid supply may be almost exhausted.

Insensitive airflow sensor –with our draw-actuated disposable vape pens, the airflow sensor may be blocked by condensation. Although it sounds like a peculiar problem, it is unfortunately quite common. The best way to avoid this problem is to suck one of the inlet ports with one finger. This will increase the pressure in the airflow and may cause the sensor to function again.

Device has never functioned – If the product did not work after purchase, it could be a defective product. Instead of returning the device to the factory and waiting for a replacement for a long time when it needs to be replaced immediately, you may be able to quickly fix some of the issues with the right tools. This fix works for most rectangular vape devices. Use tweezers to remove the device mouthpiece. The cotton pad is under the mouthpiece. If the cotton looks solid, remove it and set it aside. Next, check the rubber stopper. There is a hole that goes straight into the device. Make sure the holes are not blocked. Remove the stopper and reattach it. You can also use a wooden toothpick to make a hole. In most cases, the delivery will work fine when the hole is reopened. You can reassemble the parts and enjoy your vape session. Do not tamper with your device if it will void your warranty.

Disposable vape gets wet

Deep inhaling vapers are more likely to have this problem. Moisture is often caused by leaks and gurgling. In the case of gurgling, some of the vapor-absorbing liquid can enter the mouth or drip from the vaporizer's air intake, causing a leak.

None of the conditions are comfortable. The simplest solution to this problem is to avoid overly strong movements. It guarantees that the e-liquid stays where it belongs. Also, in the case of pods, do not squeeze the device.

Disposable vape that smells burnt

If you notice a burnt odour while the disposable vape pen is vaping, it is a sign you should pause product usage. Disposable vape pens do not have a built-in temperature control function. A fast draw means that the wick does not have time to absorb enough liquid before inhaling. As a result, it could burn the wick, which will deliver a terrible flavour and a burnt smell. 

You should avoid overheating. Do not leave the disposable vape in your car during hot weather or under direct sunlight, which could also impact its performance and cause the wick to dry out.

If the burn smell is still noticeable after slow and gentle puffs, it’s most likely the device has no e-liquid. Check the e-liquid level before you try to take another hit.